Which Single Serve Coffee Maker to Buy?

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Find Single Serve Coffee Brewers Under $100, K-Cup, Melitta, Senseo

All coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drinkers in the house or office can have their own personalized beverage with popular single cup brewing systems. Often, these brewers come with specialized coffee delivery systems, such as a cup or a pod, which sends just the right amount of ground beans, tea, or chocolate to fit individual tastes.

These one-cup coffee systems are fast, too. Most keep water in a reservoir and users need only to insert the coffee pack, press a button, and their coffee or other hot beverage is ready in minutes.

Following are some comparisons of the single serve brewing systems available to buy online. All cost less than $100.

Keurig Mini Brewing System
Keurig, one of the pioneers of the single cup specialty coffee brewing systems, offers its Elite Brewing System at Keurig.com with free shipping (see photo below). The system uses special K-cups, premeasured containers with different varieties of coffee, to guarantee the correct amount of coffee for each cup. Pressurized hot water flows through the cup and into the mug placed below the dispenser. Users can order K-cups in a variety of brands, grinds, and flavors on the Keurig.com website and through many online coffee specialty stores. Price for the Elite Brewing System, which offers three sizes of beverage with each brew: $99.95. Free shipping.

Melitta Single Serve Coffee Maker
The Melitta One: One Single Serve Coffee Maker, pictured below and available from Melitta.com, uses a system of premeasured coffee pods to deliver customized coffee for everyone in the house. Choose a five- or eight-ounce brew with each pod. The brewer also has a 28-ounce water tank. Price: $49.99. Shipping is $10.95.

West Bend Single-Cup Coffee and Water Dispenser
No need to use special cups or pods with the West Bend Single Cup Coffee and Water Dispenser, seen below. This small coffee maker, available at Amazon.com, comes with a permanent filter which can use loose coffee grounds, although coffee drinkers can also use premeasured coffee pods. The coffee maker heats up to 12 ounces of water and has ample space to fit a tall mug under the dispenser. Price (sold at Amazon through Orangeonions.com): $24.99. Shipping is $5.84.

Hamilton Beach Stainless Coffee Pod Brewer
The compact Hamilton Beach Stainless Coffee Pod Brewer from Coffeewiz.com measures 4.25 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep by 8.5 inches high, making it perfect for dorms, small apartments, campers, or offices. Coffee drinkers can fit an 8-, 10-, or 12-ounce cup under the dispenser. Price: $29.85. Shipping varies.

Senseo Single Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine
Senseo offered free coffee makers in the past, introducing scores of java fans to the benefits of single cup brewing. The company now offers the Senseo Single Serve Coffee Machine on its website at a price of $69.99. Using a pod system, the coffee brewer uses mild pressure and a special spray head to make a great cup of customized coffee. One cup of coffee brews in under a minute. Shipping is $9.95.

Reduce Waste With Single Serve Coffee Makers
The K-Cups and pods needed for some of these brewers are more expensive than standard canisters of coffee. Buy in bulk to get big discounts. Considering how much coffee in a traditional maker gets tossed down the drain after sitting for hours, the cost difference between standard and single-serve systems diminishes significantly.

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