Which Coffee Pods Are the Best?

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Coffee Pods can all look very similar. Learn which coffee capsule goes with what coffee machine and the pro’s and con’s of branded coffee pods.

As the trend of single cup coffee makers continues to grow, and more coffee companies bring out single cup coffee makers, the task of buying coffee pods becomes an increasingly difficult task.

Try typing ‘Coffee Pods’ into the Amazon.com search box, and you will be flooded with an incredible array of shapes, sizes, weights, colors and flavors. A common question nowadays is, “So which coffee pod goes with what machine?”

Well, a huge factor will be the single cup coffee maker you use. Many coffee pod makers produce their own brand and shape of coffee pods specifically for their own machines. This brings about some drawbacks as well as benefits… depending on how you look at it.

Drawbacks of Branded Coffee Pods

As far as down sides go with specific coffee pod brands. The biggest drawback is often the variety of coffee you can buy. If you were to compare some common brands of coffee pods, you would quickly see there is a huge difference in what is available.

For example the highly rated Keurig K Cups will only work in the range of Keurig coffee pod makers. So if you own one of the beautiful Nespresso automatic espresso coffee machines, scanning through the massive list of flavors and types of k cups will really only depress you!

A saving grace to many of these brands with limited varieties, are products that allow you to make your own coffee pod for these machines, using your own coffee. A product like the Perfect Pod Maker allows you to make you own coffee pods with whatever coffee takes your fancy.

Benefits of Branded Coffee Pods

Like I said though, there are both drawbacks AND benefits with owning a coffee pod machine that uses a select type of pod. A huge benefit would be the technology used by each coffee brewer. Every company boasts some sort of ‘ground breaking technology’ to provide consumers with fast, fresh, hot coffee.

The Tassimo single cup coffee makers uses one such technological advancement. On the lid of each of their coffee pods – called T Discs – there is a bar code. The Tassimo coffee machine reads this bar code and it automatically knows what sort of drink you have asked for. Short black, cappuccino, late, filter coffee… All the information is contained in the unique bar code. The machine then adjusts the amount of water, the temperature and brewing type according to each type of coffee… How smart is that?

All in all, when it comes to buying coffee pods, a little bit of research online will go a long way. Read coffee maker reviews and you’ll quickly find the best coffee pods for your needs.

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