Rogers Family Gourmet Coffee & Tea

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You’re probably already familiar with some of Roger’s Family OneCup blends – but are you aware of how much they have available? A lot. Check out what they already have available to start with:

San Francisco Bay Coffee French Roast

San Francisco Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend

San Francisco Bay Coffee Rainforest Blend

San Francisco Bay Coffee Fog Chaser

San Francisco Bay Coffee Decaf French Roast

San Francisco Bay Coffee Hazlenut Creme

San Francisco Bay Coffee Donut Shop

San Francisco Bay Coffee Espresso Roast

Organic Coffee Co Java Love

Organic Coffee Co French Roast

Organic Coffee Co Gorilla Decaf

Organic Coffee Co Breakfast Blend

That’s a lot for an ‘off brand’ manufacturer (not made by Green Mountain).  And the coffee is fabulously priced – 12 for $6.99?! 36 for $18.99?! Wow. And, they aren’t trying to replicate the k-cup, like others have and have failed, instead they use the ‘OneCup’ design. The OneCup filters through a mesh-type filter, and it works wonderfully. The coffee is fresh and brewed evenly and nicely, every time. It also works with so many single serve machines that it’s definitely worth the buy if you own a few different ones:

  • Keurig® “Mini Plus”
  • Keurig® “Elite”
  • Keurig® “ Special Edition”
  • Keurig® “Platinum”
  • The Breville ® BKC700 Keurig®
  • The Cuisinart® Keurig®
  • Mr. Coffee® Single Serve Powered by Keurig® Brewing Technology
  • Keurig ® Office B60
  • Keurig® Office B140
  • Keurig® Office B155
  • Most other Keurig® coffee makers

Here’s another something great – they have a great website, full of deals, information, and their own company blog. Personally, we love the ‘Current Specials’ section. They always have something wonderful on sale. It doesn’t just focus on their OneCup products though, it also features their whole bean and ground coffees. Right now they have a sale going on for their Cunningham of San Francisco Gourmet Coffee – 2 lbs. of the special house blend for $15.99 and FREE shipping. They also offer free shipping on any order over $50. And this is all not to mention that you can try a sample of their coffee for just $1.99 including free shipping – we love to try before we buy! Don’t forget to check out their Sales Rack as well that keeps 12-15 sales items at a time.

One last perk Rogers Gourmet offers – their coffee club. It’s a recurring order commitment, but you get quite a few bonuses when you sign up:

  • 10% off each order
  • Free shipping on each order
  • Free Coffee bag clip
  • A tree planted in your name in the rainforest
  • A free 2 oz organic coffee sample

Visit Rogers Family today at:

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