K-Cup Review: Starbucks Tribute Blend 2013


The Tribute blend of coffee that Starbucks releases each year is certainly one of our favorites. The blend incorporates Ethiopian, Sumatran, Colombian, and Papua New Guinea origin coffees and has distinct fruity, spicy, nutty, herbal, and smokey tastes and a smokey aroma. This blend definitely didn’t disappoint while we savored every last drop. Starbucks knocked this year’s out of the park.


What we thought…
Initial Impression
Simpler packaging. Clean, nice, vintage year of 2013 on label
Spicy, smokey, chocolaty notes
Deep reddish brown in color
Smokey, with hints of dark chocolate, molasses, and cherry
Smooth and silky with a likable dry finish
Why You’ll Like It
If you like strong, smokey, and bold flavors you will really like this.
$12.95 for 12 packs
4.5 coffee cups out of 5