K-Cup Review: San Francisco Bay French Roast

Recently we decided to give the new San Francisco Bay French Roast k-cups a try, and we weren’t disappointed. We typically enjoy the San Francisco Bay brand, and with this French Roast our expectations were honestly well exceeded. It stands apart from other French Roasts we’ve tried by offering the usual dark and smoky flavor but with a surprising twist of creamy chocolate and even a hint of molasses. We found this French Roast to be smooth and satisfying, right through the end.

What we thought…
Inital Impression
Great price, nice black and gold packaging.
Delightfully smoky aroma with hints of chocolate
Nice dark brownish-red color
As expected, very earthy and smoky. Also has hints of chocolate and molasses.
Very smooth, not watery, and leaves a satisfying smoky aftertaste.
Why You’ll Like It
If you love French roasts and bolder darker roasts, you’ll love the flavor of this.
$6.99 for a 12 pack
4 out of 5 Coffee Cups

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