K-Cup Review: Newman's Own Organics Cafe Almond Biscotti


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We love Newman’s Own, and this particular one is limited time only so get one while you can! When snagged a pack, and loved every sip! It has such a prevalent biscotti flavor, we kept searching for a little cookie in our cup! The aroma was a nice and warm roasted almond, too, which perfectly matched the flavor found within this lighter coffee. We can’t seem to find when this will be discontinued, unfortunately, however there are plenty available online right now. We definitely recommend buying some right away!


What we thought…
Initial Impression
Yay! Another Newman’s Own specialty k-cup!
Strong roasted almond scent
light brown
Reminds one of an almond biscotti in liquid form. Yum!
Smooth, sweet aftertaste
Why You’ll Like It
Lighter roast lovers will adore this. Not too heavy on flavor, perfectly combined with coffee.
$13.99 for a pack of 12
5 out of 5 coffee cups