K-Cup Review: Martinson Hazelnut Noisette Avellana


Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of our favorite┬áhazelnut┬ák-cups. The hazelnut flavor was barely there and, quite frankly, buried under a sour and acidic flavor. Not what we were expecting at all, but in this case we could have taken a hint from the barely-there aroma when brewing.


What we thought…
Initial Impression
High hopes for it being better than most other hazelnut’s offered in k-cup form
Hazelnut and vanilla notes present, but barely there
Dark orange, red, and yellow shades.
Very high acidity and sourness, barely there hazelnut and vanilla
Oily, with an odd smokey aftertaste
Why You’ll Like It
If you’re like us, you won’t
$13.99 for a pack of 24
1 out of 3 coffee cups