K-Cup Review: Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo K-Cups

Starbucks has recently been consistently releasing their seasonals within the past 4-5 months, and it appears they are planning on releasing most of them in k-cup format. Which is great! The most recent is Casi Cielo, Spanish for 'Almost Heaven'. It's harvested from crops from Antigua and Guatemala and is sold as a medium roast with lemon and cocoa notes. Starbucks advertises … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Green Mountain Dark Magic

  We admit we were a bit skeptical at first, intrigued by the name, but skeptical. Once the k-cup started brewing though, we could tell this was going to be one good cup of coffee. The magic starts with the aroma, a very powerful yet beckoning and warm aroma that certainly fills the room up with a fantastic and lingering bold roast smell. We expected the brew color to … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Roast

We love Eight O'Clock and we love dark roasts - especially Italian, but we are admittedly on the fence about this one. It's definitely bold and features an intense dark flavor, but there's an almost uncomfortable bitterness and aftertaste to the blend that we don't quite like. It's an okay coffee, but honestly lost it's chance at exceptional with the weird aftertaste. Also, the … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Timothy’s Kahlua Original

  We have to say we were kind of disappointed in this one. Timothy's Kahlua Original k-cup is not up to par, and not recommended. The packaging is pretty, and who doesn't love Kahlua? But, if you're looking for a non-alcoholic coffee version of Kahlua - this is not where to look, unfortunately. When brewed, the aroma is barely there, and not reminiscent of Kahlua. The … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice

We love pumpkin spice coffee. Nothing really speaks to fall like a warm cup of artfully flavored pumpkin spice cup o' joe. We've found in the past that some roasters either get this flavor deliciously right, however, or¬†embarrassingly¬†wrong. The flavor can easily be overdone and give the drinker an overwhelming spice taste, with little pumpkin, or leave much to be desired with … [Read more...]