K-Cup Review: Newman's Own Organics Cafe Almond Biscotti

[adsense] We love Newman's Own, and this particular one is limited time only so get one while you can! When snagged a pack, and loved every sip! It has such a prevalent biscotti flavor, we kept searching for a little cookie in our cup! The aroma was a nice and warm roasted almond, too, which perfectly matched the flavor found within this lighter coffee. We can't seem to … [Read more...]

Build-On Brick Compatible Coffee Mug

[adsense]   Once in a while we find a gimmicky coffee accessory that is actually pretty cool - this is one of those times. Introducing the Build-On Brick Mug, where you can have your coffee and play with it too! The mug itself is covered with studs and holes that accommodate LEGO's and other building blocks, allowing you to customize your morning coffee. … [Read more...]

Nespresso Linizio Lungo Coffee Capsules

[adsense] We haven't tried these yet, but we can't wait! Nespresso recently announced its Linizio Lungo Coffee Capsules for use in the Nespresso brewer. They are comprised of Pure Arabica from South America.  It's described as a clean and well rounded blend of coffee that hails Brazilian and Colombian coffee. Tasting notes, according to reports, are 'Malted cereal notes … [Read more...]

T-Disc Review: Carte Noire Caramel Latte Macchiato T-Discs for Tassimo

[adsense] There's nothing like a fabulous drink made by the Tassimo - especially one provided by Carte Noire. The espresso T-Disc in this set is just the right amount of smoke, with earthy hints in the background, and the milk creamer is buttery and caramely - absolutely delicious. You definitely see those layers of flavor when brewing this drink, and we were pleasantly … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

[adsense] Swiss Miss has long been the number one household hot chocolate provider. Pretty much everyone we know always has a box of those lovely packets of chocolate powder stashed at one time or another in their pantry. Recently, Green Mountain and Swiss Miss paired up and developed a Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa K-Cup. We loved this new k-cup. It's all the flavor of the … [Read more...]