Build-On Brick Compatible Coffee Mug

  Once in a while we find a gimmicky coffee accessory that is actually pretty cool - this is one of those times. Introducing the Build-On Brick Mug, where you can have your coffee and play with it too! The mug itself is covered with studs and holes that accommodate LEGO's and other building blocks, allowing you to customize your morning coffee. The cup is … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

Swiss Miss has long been the number one household hot chocolate provider. Pretty much everyone we know always has a box of those lovely packets of chocolate powder stashed at one time or another in their pantry. Recently, Green Mountain and Swiss Miss paired up and developed a Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa K-Cup. We loved this new k-cup. It's all the flavor of the Swiss Miss Hot … [Read more...]

T-Disc Review: Tea Bar Raspberry Iced Tea T-Discs

Kraft is actually the manufacturer of the Tea Bar series made specifically for Tassimo. We loved their peach version, and now we're absolutely loving this raspberry iced tea. It's packed full of that tart yet satisfying raspberry flavor, and the aroma bears witness to this. Very enjoyable, not too sweet, and we'll definitely be keeping this one around.   What we … [Read more...]

Café d’Epoca & its Profile Discovery tool

Café d'Epoca recently launched its website that revolves around personalization and coffee discovery. You take a simple 6 question profile assessment quiz and it designates your flavor profile type. It then recommends which Profile Coffee type you should drink and associated origin coffees that match your flavor type. It's fun, beautiful and interesting. Take a look here, … [Read more...]

T-Disc Review: Gevalia Mocah for Tassimo

Yay for Gevalia in making a mocha flavor for Tassimo! Mochas are hit or miss with any coffee system, either too watery, too chocolaty, or a complete lack of any coffee taste. Well, apparently Gevalia got the memo and created this - and it's good. Really, really good.   What we thought... Initial Impression  Nice traditional Gevalia packaging on both the … [Read more...]