K-Cup Review: Starbucks Tribute Blend 2013

[adsense] The Tribute blend of coffee that Starbucks releases each year is certainly one of our favorites. The blend incorporates Ethiopian, Sumatran, Colombian, and Papua New Guinea origin coffees and has distinct fruity, spicy, nutty, herbal, and smokey tastes and a smokey aroma. This blend definitely didn't disappoint while we savored every last drop. Starbucks … [Read more...]

3 of Our Favorite K-Cup Brewers Besides Keurig

[adsense] We love everything Keurig, but don't discount the other guys that have put out some pretty great machines that can brew k-cups just as easily! Here's three of our favorites:   Mr.Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer We love this one because it's compact, but has a large reservoir, works with all k-cups, has 2 cup size options, and a tiny price … [Read more...]

K-Cup Review: Martinson Hazelnut Noisette Avellana

[adsense] Unfortunately, this wasn't one of our favorite hazelnut k-cups. The hazelnut flavor was barely there and, quite frankly, buried under a sour and acidic flavor. Not what we were expecting at all, but in this case we could have taken a hint from the barely-there aroma when brewing.   What we thought... Initial Impression  High hopes for it … [Read more...]

Marley Coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain Single Serve Cups for Keurig

[adsense] For those of you who haven't tried any of Marley Coffee's offerings yet, you're missing out. Rohan Marley, a son of reggae legend Bob Marley, acquired a small coffee estate in Jamaica about ten years ago. Since then, he's been producing some of the highest quality 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that can be found anywhere. He also sells some non-Jamaican … [Read more...]

Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Mix

[adsense] No, this isn't a k-cup or coffee pod product, but we're taking notice because it falls in the 'quick coffee' category, and we're all about delicious and quick coffee at our fingertips! This is the first time we've seen anything like this roll out. We haven't tried it yet, but we're certainly interested. Seattle's Best, owned by Starbucks Corp., has partnered … [Read more...]