5 Secrets To Save On Keurig K-Cup Purchases

5 Ways To Save On Keurig K-Cup purchases: We love our Keurig machine, each of us in our house could brew the coffees we like when we like them, and rush out of the house. However, we're always looking for ways to save money on those pesky little pods. 1. Figure out the best places to shop. We could all just go to our local market for k-cups, we we need to get a … [Read more...]

Angelino’s Coffee K-Cups Review

Angelino’s K-Cup Coffee Free Trial Review & Offer: Angelino’s Coffee is a K-cup coffee subscription box. While I’ve reviewed the larger bundles before, we thought it would be great to show what you actually get in a free trial box! The packaging on the trial shipment is pretty simple — it includes a card showing the varieties Angelino’s offers and the price-per-cup. … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Beans Variety Pack K-cups

The Brooklyn Beans Variety Pack have a nice variety of coffee. They include 3 or 4 of each flavor/type so your able to try them several times. There's a nice mix of flavored, light, medium, dark, bold, and a couple of decaf. It allows you to test the different types and decide if this brand is for you. We found the flavored coffees were nice and worth a try, the dark … [Read more...]

Don Francisco Kona Blend Kcup review

We tested the Don Francisco Kona Blend kcup. The cup was a bit watery, with no special flavors coming across. We're not even going to give you any cupping notes, as it was nothing special to note. … [Read more...]

Review of Donut House K-cups

This is a mainstream favorite of many, however as of late we've seen a tremendous amount of kcup pods blowing up in the machine. Either the lids aren't sealed well or the grinds are too fine, we're also digging into this as we faced the same issue during our review. The flavor is a nice balanced cup with a slight bold feature, this coffee works great with sugar and creamer. … [Read more...]